Uddeling 2020

Dansk Kræftforskningsfonds uddeling 2020: kr. 2.645.098

Miss Chiara Pecorari, Danish Cancer Society Research Center
Project: Identification of AKR1A1 as a new biomarker of renal carcinoma aggressive phenotype
250.000 kr.

Miss Lea Skovmand Jensen, University of Aarhus
Project: Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells: Understanding the Role of STING Pathway Activation by Single-cell RNA-Seq Analysis

Miss Simone Johansen, Institute of Molecular Medicine
Project: Dissecting epigenetic mechanisms for loss of pericentromeric heterochromatin stability in cancer development
203.000 kr.

Mr. Jesper Dupont Ewald, University of Southern Denmark
Project: Novel efficient therapeutic strategy for brain cancer patients by overcoming a novel neurotrophic factor-mediated resistance mechanism
250.000 kr.

Miss Josefine Tingdal Taube Danielsen, University of Aarhus
Project: Kognitiv funktion blandt patienter med metastatisk modermærkekræft behandlet med immunterapi - et kontrolleret prospektivt observationelt studie Kort titel: Immunterapi og kognitiv funktion
147.298 kr.

Mr. Lau Amdisen, University of Aarhus
Project: Influenza vaccination in cancer patients: Uptake and clinical outcome in a Danish nationwide register-based cohort study
187.800 kr.

Miss Aida Rodriguez Lopez, Danish Cancer Society Research Center
Project: Characterization of Ribophagy during Oncogene-Induced Senescence
250.000 kr.

Miss Katja Kaastrup, Biotech Research Innovation Centre, University of Copenhagen
Project: Epigenetic reprogramming in myelodysplastic syndrome and unexplained cytopenia: occurrence, functionality and pathogenicity
250.000 kr.

Miss Aishwarya Gokuldass, University of Copenhagen
Project: Biomarkers of tumor hotness defined by antitumor immune responses
155.000 kr.

Mr. Martin Qvist Rasmussen, University of Aarhus
Project: Establishing 3D tumor models to uncover tumor-intrinsic mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapy in melanoma
250.000 kr.

Miss Bichitra Paul, University of Copenhagen, Biotech Research and Innovation Centre
Project: The impact of essential fatty acids in the development of Metabolic-Associated Fatty Liver Disease and its progression to hepatocellular carcinoma
250.000 kr.

Miss Katrine Hartfeldt, Danish Cancer Society Research Center
Project: Dissecting the role of the selective-autophagy of peroxisomes (pexophagy) in therapy-resistant renal cancer
202.000 kr.